Student Activity: Mind-Body Connector

Student Activity: Mind-Body Connector
Brisa Ayub April 1, 2020

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We can start to recognize our feelings and our emotions by feeling them in our body. Can you identify where you feel certain emotions?


  1. First, color code the emotions in the provided area.
  2. Color in where you feel each emotion on your body outline.
  3. Draw an arrow to where you feel that emotion and then list what kinds of things make you feel those emotions.
  4. Now focus on one emotion (happiness, sadness, fear, love, nervousness, or anger) and explore how you can better address that emotion.

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Brisa Ayub is the Senior Global Director of Marketing at Wonder Workshop where she creates educational programs directed at bringing coding, robotics, and creative problem-solving to educators and students. She has a history of creating educational content and award-winning programs and games that have been implemented in schools across the United States and globally as the former Director of Educational Programs at Common Sense Media. Brisa earned her graduate degree in psychology and has worked with adolescents and young adults around addictive behaviors prior to the edtech space.

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