Student Activity: Reach for the Stars!

By Darri Stephens April 11, 2020

DIRECTIONS  Have you ever wished upon a star? Starlight, star bright,First star I see tonight… Sometimes you might wish for things to happen, but you can help make them happen by taking steps forward towards your goals. Sometimes that means you have to challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone.  Part 1: In… Read More

Student Activity: The‌ ‌Game‌ ‌of‌ ‌Life‌

By Darri Stephens April 10, 2020

Life can have many ups and downs. In order to stay motivated, it helps to set some long-term goals, and then figure out the short-term goals that will help you get there. You’ll have to stay motivated and work through obstacles along the way. DIRECTIONS  Design a board game to illustrate one of your life… Read More

Student Activity: My Superpowers

By Brisa Ayub April 8, 2020

DIRECTIONS – Part 1 Life is full of changes, some big and some small. Can you think of a big change that has happened to you? Describe it below. DIRECTIONS – Part 2 Now think of how you handled that change and create a superhero that can help others make it through similar changes! What… Read More

DIRECTIONS Think of all the things that keep you positive. Fill in your My Positive Pledge below. Print it out and post it in a place where you will see it every day. I pledge to think positively each and every day by… I am thankful for… I am happy when I think about… When… Read More

DIRECTIONS – Part 1 In the My Responsibilities section in the diagram, write your duties: the things that you must do and are responsible for doing (i.e., schoolwork, chores, etc.). In the My Activities section, write the things you like doing (e.g., riding your bike, making art, playing games, etc.). In the middle of the… Read More

We can start to recognize our feelings and our emotions by feeling them in our body. Can you identify where you feel certain emotions? DIRECTIONS First, color code the emotions in the provided area. Color in where you feel each emotion on your body outline. Draw an arrow to where you feel that emotion and… Read More

DIRECTIONS – Part 1 – Log Your Routine In order to create a well-balanced daily schedule, it is a good idea to first reflect on how you currently are spending your time: Pick a day. Then repeatedly ask yourself, “What am I doing today?” Use a simple log to keep track of the time you… Read More

Student Activity: Calming Cards and Calming Catcher

By Darri Stephens March 27, 2020

Sometimes in life, when you are stressed or frustrated, you might need a little reminder about how to calm yourself.. in your back pocket! Find the strategies that work best for you by asking a trusted adult or by looking online to search for “calming techniques for kids” (hint: look at the images to find… Read More

DIRECTIONS In each section, draw or write a way in which you take care of your mind, body, and heart. Use a brad to fasten a paper arrow or a paperclip to use as a spinner. When you are done, take a turn and spin, and then spend a few minutes following the tip you… Read More

Student Activity: Be a Journalist

By Kelly Mendoza March 26, 2020

DIRECTIONS – Part 1 – Observe & Interview You are going to be a journalist and write a news story about a day in the life of your family during the coronavirus. As a journalist, you are going to be objective and record your observations of what’s actually happening. As an objective journalist, you should… Read More