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Websites Featuring Free Printable Math Quizzes

By The Editorial Team

Both educators and parents often find themselves in need of additional help for their students, particularly in math. With the help of the Internet, this help does not have to be expensive. Free printable math quizzes can provide the help needed when the curriculum does not give enough practice opportunities for students.

Free printable math quizzes can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used as actual quizzes if the curriculum does not provide enough grading opportunities. They can also be used as fun activities, creating a game in the classroom incorporating timed math quizzes. For students who need extra practice, they can be helpful. Students who are more advanced than their classmates will enjoy the challenge of advanced skill quizzes. Regardless of how they are used, free quizzes can be found on these six sites.

Kids Math Games Online

Kids Math Games Online has a selection of printable math quizzes on a variety of topics ranging from basic facts and arithmetic to geometry and algebra. The site even has non-traditional quizzes, such as true/false quizzes about math topics. All quizzes are available in an easy-to-print format complete with answer sheet. The site covers grades one through eight. has more than 13,000 math worksheets with answer keys, including a huge selection of basic math drills that work wonderfully as quizzes. They cover first through sixth grade as well as geometry and algebra. All grades or topics are carefully organized so they can be easily found.

The Teacher’s Café

The Teacher’s Café has a selection of worksheets and printable quizzes on subjects like division, multiplication, addition and subtraction. In addition to their printable quizzes, teachers can use this site to make their own flash cards and fun worksheets for their students. The site also has a selection of quizzes, activities and worksheets for high school students.

Math Is Fun

The simple printable at Math Is Fun can easily be used as quizzes. They span basic math facts, decimals, decimal fractions, fractions, percent and telling time. The site does not have high school topics beyond very basic algebra and geometry, but the elementary quizzes they offer have multiple variations, so you can print a new quiz each time if you want.

Soft Schools

Soft Schools has a selection of free printable math quizzes. Topics include geometry, arithmetic, algebra, measurement, basic math facts and word problems. The site is fairly ad-heavy, but the resources it offers are well worth dealing with a bit of advertising. They offer quizzes on other subjects in addition to math.


EgoPoint is a site designed for self-quizzing, but the online multiple-choice math quizzes are available in a PDF printout as well. This multiple-choice format is different than the traditional math test, so students who do better with multiple-choice may be able to reinforce their math skills in a more comfortable way using these quizzes.

Each of these sites offers something a little different in the way of free printable math quizzes. Teachers and parents who take advantage of all of them will have a plethora of quizzes to draw from. These resources ensure that there is always sufficient practice for the students who need it.

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