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6 Websites with Free Downloadable Motivational Posters for Teachers

By The Editorial Team

There’s no denying that classroom walls can look very dull and dreary without any decorations.  It’s also true that teachers are grateful for any sources of motivation they can find. One way to combine these observations is to find free downloadable motivational posters that can be put up on classroom walls.

These six websites offer free posters that can be downloaded, printed and used to decorate–and motivate–a classroom.


Print-a-Poster offers hundreds of options in a 5×7 configuration, perfect dimensions for posting on bulletin boards or framing them to put on a desk. Posters educate, inspire and motivation with themes like the importance of confidence and the perks of creativity.

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Center for Life Transitions

Krystal Clegg meticulously designed the motivational posters at Center for Life Transitions. The site’s motto is “Inspiring hope. Empowering change. Enriching lives,” and these posters stick closely to this theme.

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Known for great design and broad variety, Poster-Street is one of the most popular sites for free motivational posters in the education industry. The site has everything from complex, wordy posters to ones that simply say, “Reading Rocks.” Each poster is aesthetically pleasing and the website is very user friendly. An entire section of the site is dedicated to posters for teachers.

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Image Smith

Image Smith is the site to check out for more original motivational posters. It offers about 30 posters, each with its own motivational quote or story. Unlike sites offering motivational posters with only a short quote, this site offers posters will full stories accompanied by captivating images. Themes in the posters include the power of one, money isn’t everything and the importance of prioritizing.

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Larry Winget

Larry Winget, “the pitbull of personal development,” is a motivational speaker who has created several free motivational posters that can be printed out. While the the posters may not appear to be as aesthetically pleasing as others because they simply use text on solid-color backgrounds, the quotes he puts on his posters are very motivating.

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Puck Masters

Yes, as the name implies, this is a hockey site. It may seem miles from the classroom, but it offers a great variety of motivational posters that can be printed off to use in classrooms. The quotes are geared towards the hockey players, but many of them easily translate into everyday life. Puck Masters offers a new poster with a new motivational quote every week. Teachers can log on every week to get a new one, and they can access the archives so they don’t miss any. Some of the quotes cover important topics, such as the importance of attitude and teamwork, and the reality that hard work is more important than talent.

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These websites can help teachers to liven up their classrooms with a variety of motivational posters. Each website fills a different niche, so teachers are sure to find something that will motivate every student. The best part is that the posters are free, so teachers can save their money on more important things.

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