History and Social Studies

How to Create an Oral History Rubric

By The Editorial Team February 5, 2013

In history education, teachers often will find a way to help students understand what the expectation is for particular projects by providing an oral history rubric to follow. A rubric, in general, is a tool used by teachers that sets up criteria for grading assignments and projects submitted by students. It allows students to go… Read More

Ancient Artifacts Included in Lesson Plans Can Engage Students

By The Editorial Team January 10, 2013

Bringing ancient mysterious artifacts into the classroom sparks the interest of students and opens them up to learn a variety of things about other cultures. This leads to a greater awareness of how they relate to their own culture and to the planet. This glimpse into the past can motivate many students to have a… Read More

5 Books for High School Mexican-American Studies Class

By The Editorial Team November 13, 2012

There are many great books to choose from when looking for literature relevant for a Mexican-American studies course. Below are five of the best books related to this topic. They provide great options for extra reading assignments in a Mexican-American studies class. ‘The House on Mango Street’ This book by Sandra Cisneros should be on… Read More

The History of the Classroom Blackboard

By The Editorial Team November 8, 2012

Few people realize that the classroom blackboard is one of the most revolutionary educational tools ever invented. And it may be hard to hard to fathom that blackboards as we know them today were unknown until relatively recent times. The invention of the blackboard had an enormous impact on classroom efficiency. Due to their simplicity,… Read More

4 Thanksgiving Lesson Plans

By The Editorial Team November 2, 2012

As fall comes to an end, many teachers start thinking about coming up with creative and fun Thanksgiving activities to keep students engaged. When it comes to planning lessons about the holidays, diversity is important. Here are several ideas that teachers can use to ensure their students get a well-rounded education about the Thanksgiving holiday while also… Read More

3 Ways to Get Students to Love History

By The SHARE Team October 31, 2012

Students often complain that history class is boring, but there are several strategies teachers can use to engage students in learning history. A good starting point is to use historical fiction, trivia, puzzle games and artwork projects in class. There also are other creative methods that educators can use to excite students about history and… Read More

Why You Should Teach Ethos, Logos, Pathos to Students

By The Editorial Team October 27, 2012

Many people believe that ethos logos pathos, terms first coined by the Greek philosopher Aristotle, is a crucial component for developing persuasive writing skills. While these are Greek words, their meanings are familiar in our everyday lives. To deliver ethos means to have an ethical meaning and appeal to one’s character. Logos means to connect to… Read More

Inspiring High School Students To Read African American Literature

By The Editorial Team October 25, 2012

African American literature is rich with diversity, adversity and hope. African American poets and authors have gone through many trials to become recognized as writers whose works are worthy to be published and read. But many school districts have not made the effort to introduce African American literature as part of their core curriculum. Whether it… Read More

Teaching history is an ideal profession for people with a passion for investigating the past and exploring events that shape our world. People who are fascinated with ancient cultures, historic facts and important discoveries are well-suited for careers as history teachers. Detail planning, problem solving and critical thinking skills are important for history teachers, who… Read More

Social studies teachers help young people understand history, geography and human society — especially how people interact, govern themselves and resolve conflicts. Social studies classes are staples of middle schools and high schools across the United State. Teaching social studies gives you a chance to influence how children see themselves and behave toward one another…. Read More

Harlem Renaissance Poets for Your Reading List

By The Editorial Team October 3, 2012

During the Great Migration of the early 20th century, many black people settled in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City. The thousands that flocked there found opportunities to express themselves in literature, music, dance and art. This creative period in which black-American literature emerged became known as the Harlem Renaissance. The renaissance began around… Read More