DonorsChoose Classroom Projects Funded By Our Sweepstakes Winners

DonorsChoose Classroom Projects Funded By Our Sweepstakes Winners
The Editorial Team June 5, 2020

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Teaching is a long, involving profession that is rewarding for those who wish to see pupils master new skills and knowledge. A teacher’s job isn’t finished after the last school bell rings for the day. To spotlight and applaud teachers for all the hard work they put into educating children, we ran a sweepstakes during Teacher Appreciation Week that awarded DonorsChoose gift cards for winners to spend on any classroom project of their choosing.

What is Teacher Appreciation Week?

National Teacher Appreciation Week takes place the first full week of May each year. Teachers are celebrated with National Teacher Day on the Tuesday of that week. The National Education Association describes this week as honoring teachers and the contributions they make to ensure that children reach their full potential.

What Resilient Educator Did

Resilient Educator hosted a sweepstakes called “Thanks #ToMyTeacher” where teachers and parents entered for a chance to win prizes. The grand prize winner received a $500 gift card, and four runners-up each received a $100 gift card, to use towards an educational project listed on the platform.

Projects Funded by the Winners

Acquiring Adventures

Mrs. Lewis from Prospect Elementary in Meridian, Idaho created this project to help give her students books that will instill a love for reading. She says that reading will help them experience many adventures through books and that her 5th graders are challenged to read 40 books in their 5th year at the school. There is only $101 left to reach their goal.

Distance Learning Care Packages

Ms. Riccobani teaches at PS 89 Elmhurst in Elmhurst, NY. This school is in the epicenter of the COVID epidemic and the students need books and pencils for distance learning at home. Some of her students had to borrow technology from the Department of Education, but most of them are missing books at home and have no access to hand-on activities. Ms. Riccobani’s goal has been reached and she has created another project.

Finding Our Voice

Mrs. Contreras teaches at Liberty Elementary School in Eagle Pass, Texas. Nearly all the students are from low-income households. Writing is a difficult subject outside of a classroom because there is a lot of modeling and guided writing. This project is to provide students with writing journals so they can continue doing writing exercises. This project has $234 left to its goal.

Kindergartners Love to Read At Home

Mrs. Kastigar teaches at Fayette Elementary School in Terre Haute, Indiana where more than a third of students are from low-income households. Students don’t have 1-to-1 technology yet and they’re doing remote learning with paper packets. While the students do have access to a smart device, this project aims to provide hands-on supplies to help them better navigate this tough period. The financial goal of this project has been currently reached.

Moving To Middle School From A Distance

Ms. Sorenson teaches at U S Grant Elementary School in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Her goal is to help her students prepare for middle school. Over 65% of the students at this school are from low-income households. As part of helping her students prepare for middle school, she teaches them how to open a lock on a locker and what materials they will need in middle school. This project has also met its goal.

Raz-Kids For The Win!

Mrs. McEwen teaches kindergarten at Milo Elementary School in Milo, Main where more than half of her students are from low-income households. This project’s goal is to bring Raz-Kid accessibility into the classroom. Raz-Kids is a comprehensive reading program for an iPad. This project still needs $134.

Reading Rug

Ms. Murphy teaches at Peavine Elementary School where nearly all the students are from low-income households. This project wants to create a reading rug that all the students can sit upon. Chairs are available, but they are scratching the floor. $87 is still needed for this project.

School Supplies For Scholastic Success

Ms. Hokanson teaches at the Reach Leadership STEAM Academy in Riverside, California where half her students are from low-income households. Her high-energy classroom is filled with engaged minds, but distance learning hasn’t been easy. This project is to provide school supplies such as highlighters, notebooks, and more. The goal for this project has been reached, but Ms. Hokanson has another a second version of this same project.

Dealing with this pandemic has not been easy, even more so when you are a school-age child living in a low-income household. Not every child has the school supplies they or the online educational access they need during this crucial time in their lives during this ongoing global pandemic. You can make a difference by donating to these project or any other project at

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