How to Thank a Teacher (When You’re a Teacher, Too)

How to Thank a Teacher (When You’re a Teacher, Too)
The Editorial Team November 23, 2017

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November is the perfect time to say thanks, but it’s more than gathering around a table with your family and loved ones. Think about the teachers in your life — the ones educating tomorrow’s leaders, inspiring everyone around them, and being there for their students 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, and 366 days a year. They’re certainly worth a multitude of thanks.

Whether it’s a teacher who inspired you, your child’s educators, or a colleague across the hall, here are some small gestures that make a big impact — especially coming from a fellow educator.

Thank-you notes

While gifts are great, a sincere thank-you note truly expresses gratitude to those special teachers in your life. Teachers often don’t get to see the full outcomes of their hard work, or don’t often hear just how much their effort means to those around them. There’s nothing more personal or gracious than a letter or card written from the heart — it’s something they can keep on their desk or hang up in their classroom as a constant reminder that their work matters. Need some inspiration? Here are some ideas on what to say.

You can also transform your message into a marvelous graphic design using a platform such as Canva. They have a “Thank You” card hub that presents various pre-designed templates for you to start editing.

A special piece of artwork

Homemade gifts are a hit because they’re all about thought and effort. Have your students or your child draw or create a special piece of art for their favorite teacher. Here are some Thanksgiving-themed craft ideas:

Record a message of thanks

If you never really get to see that educator from years ago who changed your life — maybe even inspired you to teach — record a personal video message of thanks to that person. Tell them how they’ve inspired you, what you love about them, or what lessons you’ll always remember from their class. Want to thank the principal or another teacher in your school? Get your whole class in on it. For more ideas, check out these awesome educator gratitude videos from Florida.

Teacher coupons

Educators give up a lot of their personal time to be the best teacher they can be, to say the least. Parents, students, and community members can offer their help as a very special thank you. Create coupons or offer your help with things like making copies, helping with a project, or donating supplies.

Bring their favorite treats

Who doesn’t love coming to work with their favorite Starbucks drink on their desk? A little gesture like donuts in the faculty lounge, a fancy latte on their desk, or bringing in your colleague’s favorite snack shows just how much you pay attention and care.

Give positive feedback to their boss

Teachers are endlessly evaluated, but those official measures don’t always catch the real impacts they have on their students. Tell your favorite teacher’s principal just how amazing they are and how much they changed your life. A little praise can make a big difference in a teacher’s day-to-day.

Small gifts

If you still prefer to wrap something up and hand it over to an educator in your life, below are some ideas that any teacher would love.

Personalized thank-you tumblers: $16.11

These personalized cups are absolutely adorable on their own. Drop in a gift card or some candy to make it extra special.

Wish bracelet: $2.70

Affordable and stylish, these wish bracelets are a sweet token for an educator. (And at less than $3 each, you could supply the whole staff with gratitude wishes!)

Teacher bracelet: $12.50

Remind your favorite teacher of the incredible things they do — teach, love, and inspire! These sweet bracelets are both affordable and special.

Personalized stationery: $8

Teachers love supplies! Jazz up a fellow educator’s desktop with this cute and useful personalized stationery. Choose your design and add any teacher’s name.

Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, or Panera gift cards: Amount varies

Teachers definitely need their coffee and a hearty lunch to get through the day. Given how much teachers spend on supplies for students, a gift card is always appreciated to keep tireless educators going.

Happy Thanksgiving, teachers! Thank you for all that you do.

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