What to Include in a Cover Letter for Teaching Positions

What to Include in a Cover Letter for Teaching Positions
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The Editorial Team November 4, 2012

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Making a strong first impression is essential when applying for a teaching position. Since there will be numerous candidates for the position, it’s important for your cover letter to highlight major accomplishments and sell your strengths.

Typical cover letters are typically one and a half to two pages in length. When reading a cover letter, most employers will look for superior communication skills, impressive qualifications, and unique skills that make the candidate stand out from the competition. There are several essential sections that every cover letter for teaching position should include.

Introduction paragraph

When writing a cover letter for teaching position, the introduction paragraph should convey the basics of the resume in a compelling way. One of the first statements should discuss why the candidate is writing this letter. Candidates should detail the purpose of the letter and briefly state major qualifications to the employer.

When referring to the teaching position, it’s important to be specific and refer to the job title instead of writing a generic statement. In a cover letter for a teaching position, candidates should also include the name of the publication, job board, or colleague in which they were referred. Candidates should conclude the introduction paragraph by providing a short sentence on how their qualifications are able to meet the employer’s specific job needs.

Qualifications paragraph

A cover letter for a teaching position should include precise qualifications that relate to the teaching position in question. Candidates should carefully review the job notice to determine which qualification and skills the employer is looking for. Candidates should describe their strengths as they relate to these needs, including any unique experiences that could boost the chances of being hired for the position.

Cover letter writing tips

There are a few essential tips that one should follow when developing a cover letter for a teaching position. Resumes should never be sent without a corresponding cover letter, unless directed otherwise. Cover letters should use regular font size and type–typically 12 point, Times New Roman font–as well as identifying information from the resume.

Candidates should carefully double check the cover letter for proper titles, contact names, and spelling and grammatical errors. Overall, an impressive cover letter should reflect the candidate’s professionalism and enthusiasm for a teaching position at the targeted school. At the end of the cover letter for teaching position, candidates should sign their name in black or blue ink. Cover letters can then be sent to the hiring committee via email, standard mail, or fax.

An impressive cover letter for a teaching position should ultimately present the candidate’s strengths and qualifications to the employer in a concise, clear manner. Candidates should use simple language and ensure that there are absolutely no grammatical or spelling errors. With these tips, candidates can make themselves stand out against the rest of the teaching job applications. A good cover letter for a teaching position can help bring you one step closer to your dream job. If you’re looking for cover letter examples and inspiration, check out this guide from Novoresume.com.

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