Student Activity: Be a Journalist

Student Activity: Be a Journalist
Kelly Mendoza March 26, 2020

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DIRECTIONS – Part 1 – Observe & Interview

You are going to be a journalist and write a news story about a day in the life of your family during the coronavirus. As a journalist, you are going to be objective and record your observations of what’s actually happening. As an objective journalist, you should not share your opinions.

  • Journalist: someone who investigates and reports stories in the world.
  • Objective: telling the facts of what happened (not opinion)
  • Observations: looking at something carefully

(Download and print your own copy of this template!)

What did you see, hear, and even . . . smell today? Record 3 observations.




Next, interview at least one family member. Record their exact words.

1. How do you feel today? Why?

2. What do you think about what’s going on?

3. What do you hope will happen?

DIRECTIONS – Part 2 – Write a News Story

Next, take what you have observed and recorded in Part 1, and write a news story below describing what actually happened. Include at least one direct quote from an interview with a family member. A direct quote means you put quotes around their exact words. Use the sentence starters if you need ideas.




Today was a _________________ day in the _________________ household…

The _______________ family started their day by…

Overall, family members are feeling _____________.

Family member ____________ is feeling ___________. He/she said: “__________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________”

By the end of the day, the family…

They are hopeful that…

(Download and print your own copy of this template!)

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