What's in the Well-Equipped 21st Century Classroom?

What's in the Well-Equipped 21st Century Classroom?
The SHARE Team October 27, 2012

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If you were to compare a 21st century classroom to one from the late 20th century, you would find very few things in common. There are many new technological advances that can be found in today’s classrooms, and the integration of technology into classrooms has brought learning to an entirely new level.

Personal computers with WiFi

Computers were one of the first technologies to transform the education process. The introduction of wireless Internet has made computers accessible to all students directly in classrooms. In addition, many students have their own laptop computers that they can use in school.

Handheld devices

One of the other benefits of wireless Internet is the ability to use computer tablets and e-readers in classrooms. Students are able to start a project in the classroom and then take the device home to finish it. E-books are not only eco-friendly, but they can also save schools a substantial amount of money in textbook costs.

Interactive whiteboards

An interactive whiteboard can be used like a traditional chalkboard, but it can also be connected to a computer which allows all class members to see lesson plans, multimedia and more directly from the computer desktop.

Digital cameras

Digital cameras have been around for a while, but they are now making their way into classrooms. These cameras allow students to explore their creative side by creating short films and demonstrate learning concepts. Digital cameras can also boost productivity in photography classes.

Electrical outlets

With all of this technology, it is vital that 21st century classrooms have plenty of electrical outlets. All these devices need to be charged, and it’s likely many of them will need to be charged at the same time, so it’s important to make good use of power strips throughout the classroom.

Unique desk arrangements

It used to be that every classroom simply had rows of individual desks with a teacher podium at the front. Now, with new technologies promoting collaboration, more classrooms are arranging their desks in group settings. These arrangements encourage students to work together, improving the learning experience for them all.

Equipped teacher podiums

With the new classroom technology, new teacher podiums are equipped with electrical outlets and USB ports to make it easy to use and integrate devices during lectures and demonstrations.

New technology in the classroom can help students of all learning styles thrive by promoting engagement and building teamwork and leadership skills. Technology also allows students to have an instant connection to things going on in the outside world.

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