Have You Ever Said, “Thank God It’s Monday?”

Have You Ever Said, “Thank God It’s Monday?”
Ashley Previte January 20, 2020

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Monday mornings often loom over us like a dark cloud of doom. In fact, they’re so ominous that we start our anxiety about them on Sundays. But are Mondays really that bad? Absolutely not! Finding reasons to love your Mondays can help you bounce out of bed ready to start your workweek. It’s all about shifting your perspective and getting into that happy Monday state of mind.

Here’s a little inspiration. 

New beginnings

The rest of the week is ahead of you. Every week you have an amazing opportunity for a fresh start. Mondays are a great day to start working toward your new goals — or get back on track with some old ones.

  • Begin your new workout routine
  • Start planning your next unit
  • Set up your bullet journal
  • Organize your finances

Better outfits

After lounging in your comfy clothes all weekend, Mondays are another chance to pull your best outfits out of the closet. Put those yoga pants back in the drawer and wear something amazing. Mix it up. Rock your personal style.

A return to routine

Weekends are a great time to catch up on housework, enjoy time with the family, or just veg. But many of us thrive with the routine of work. Use your Mondays to get back on track with some order and professional focus. Welcome the scheduled week ahead. 

See your kids again

Even those most difficult students need you. Every day you’re building relationships and supporting students’ growth. Your students are constantly challenging and surprising you. Monday is another day to love your job. And, if nothing else, you can correct other people’s grammar guilt-free!

Eat better

The weekend isn’t just a time for catching up on personal tasks, it’s also a time when our eating habits plummet toward the unhealthy. Monday is a great day to start eating better again. Begin with a protein-rich breakfast, pack some healthy snacks, and dive into that better-for-you lunch!

So instead of thinking of Monday as a dreaded day of obligation, flip the switch and start seeing that first day of the workweek as a chance to wipe the slate clean. It’s a fresh start. It’s a day of possibility. It’s a day of opportunity. Forget those humdrum Monday blues and embrace the TGIM attitude. It’ll change your whole week!

Ashley is an award-winning copywriter and content expert with more than a decade of proven results for national and local clients. From brainstorming high-end conceptual content to styling sentences that engage and convert, she’s got a knack for shattering the status quo. When she’s not in full-on writing mode, she’s hanging out with her rascal of a puppy and discussing the plausibility of unicorns with her 8-year-old daughter.

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