Super Packable Lunches for Those Early Lunch Blocks

Super Packable Lunches for Those Early Lunch Blocks
The Editorial Team January 16, 2020

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When you’re at work, lunch feels like it cannot come soon enough — unless of course you’re a teacher with that crazy 10:30 am lunch block. Somehow leftover taco meat just doesn’t have the same appeal that early in the day. So what do you pack when your scheduled lunch is more like a brunch?

Here are some super-packable, awesome, on-the-go recipes that toe the line nicely between breakfast and lunch and will give you the fuel to get through the day in a fun and functional way.

Love your lunch in a jar

Who doesn’t love a little jar? So cute and such a perfect lunchtime container. Experiment with these recipes or create some of your own.

Powerhouse protein parfait

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15 minutes and you have a healthy alternative to those high-sugar options. Feel more fulfilled with protein! Simply combine the ingredients right in the jar and you’re ready to rock.

Blueberry orange parfait

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Able to be pulled together in just a few minutes, enjoy this sweet treat as an uplifting lunch. Don’t worry about making them ahead — these can be stored in the refrigerator for several days and keep nicely.

Sandwiches are more than bread and peanut butter

Multi-grain waffle sandwich with veggie cream cheese

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Waffle sandwiches? Genius. Simply replace your standard bread with waffles (frozen waffles work just fine). Add some munchies and voila — lunch is complete.

Cheesy bacon egg breakfast sliders

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This yummy take on sliders is too cute and fun to eat! And that tiny size? That just means you can eat 2. Or 3. Heck, make it 4!

Cheese and sausage-stuffed biscuits and gravy

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Biscuits and gravy have never been easier to eat. No fork or knife needed.

Tater tot waffle grilled cheese

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Grilled cheese with bacon and tater tots. Yup! Bacon! And tater tots! ‘Nuff said.

Get a little bit fancy

Who says lunch has to be boring? Enjoy a little fancy fun. Ditch the plastic and bring some real silverware, use a cloth napkin. Hey — cover a student desk with a table cloth and enjoy a little decadent yum!

Mini granola tart cups

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Fill these mini tart cups with yogurt, pudding, fruit, or whatever makes your taste buds smile — a delicious lunch treat as amazing as you are.

A different kind of finger food lunch

Finger foods are perfect for lunch. Just don’t forget your napkins!

Easy breakfast pizza

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Who doesn’t love pizza? Make ahead and store in the fridge but be careful — it may not make it to lunchtime!

Easy egg and sausage breakfast muffins

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Forget the sweet. Enjoy these muffins that are nutritious and protein-packed. You’ll find the energy to get through the rest of your day with every bite.

Save your dinner leftovers for another time and start packing some fun brunches that can be enjoyed far before noon. It will transform your lunch hour and give you a reason to love that early block after all.

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