Student Activity: Ready, Set, Routine!

Student Activity: Ready, Set, Routine!
Darri Stephens April 1, 2020

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DIRECTIONS – Part 1 – Log Your Routine

In order to create a well-balanced daily schedule, it is a good idea to first reflect on how you currently are spending your time:

  1. Pick a day. Then repeatedly ask yourself, “What am I doing today?” Use a simple log to keep track of the time you spend on each activity. 
  2. Bucket your time into general activities like: SLEEPING, WORKING, EATING, SCREEN TIME, EXERCISING, STUDYING, READING, etc. Write these activities in the first and third columns.
  3. Then record the time you spend in total on each activity in the column to the right. You may want to record the times in 15-, 30-, or 60-minute chunks. Remember, your time should add up to 24 hours (or 1440 minutes).
[example: sleeping][example: 8 hours & 30 min]

DIRECTIONS – Part 2 – Create an Action Plan 

Now it is time to reimagine your day:

  1. Look back at your log. Which activities would you change? How could you improve your use of time? What would make for a more well-balanced day?
  2. Use the pie chart below to block out the flow of your day. Each slice represents one hour, but you can outline or color in several to create larger wedges of time. Do label each section with an activity.
  3. Make sure to incorporate mental and physical breaks into your schedule. And remember, get plenty of sleep as part of your action plan!

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Darri Stephens is a former member of Teach for America and a seasoned educator, with more than 10 years’ experience in Los Angeles and New York City public schools. She’s a published author, who has also worked for education-focused media companies including Nickelodeon, IMAX, EdSurge, and Discovery Education. With master’s degrees in education from both Harvard and Stanford, she’s passionate about creative curriculum development that pushes boundaries, especially considering the influx of today’s technologies. Her most recent positions as Senior Director of Content at Common Sense and Director of Education at Wonder Workshop underscore her love of instructional design, writing, and the ever-changing edtech world – so much so that she has now founded her own content consulting agency, Darrow Ink.

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