Top 5 Math Books for Students Preparing for the SAT Test

Top 5 Math Books for Students Preparing for the SAT Test
The Editorial Team November 12, 2012

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There are many books math students can use that will help them achieve high scores on the math portion of the SAT exam.

The books many teachers recommend to their students will depend on several factors including whether or not the student needs a review of basic high school math concepts.

If your students are well-versed in all types of high school mathematics, they will not need a book that reviews math. Instead, they will need a book that teaches them how to effectively use their math skills in order to ace the SAT. Other students will need books that teach them basic math skills as well as test-taking strategies. The following five books are good for students who fit into either of these two categories.

Math books for the SAT

  • Dr. John Chung’s SAT Math, by Dr. John Chung: This book is designed primarily for students who do not need a high school math review. It includes 50 essential tips for approaching the SAT math questions, and it even includes 20 practice tests. The book was written by Dr. John Chung who spent almost 20 years teaching SAT students how to succeed. His methods were developed based on strategies that work for students.
  • The 99th Percentile SAT Math, by Chris B.: Most books math students use teach them basic concepts or test taking skills. This book is no exception to that rule, but it focuses on certain SAT math topics that are largely ignored by many other test-prep books. In particular, this book shows students how to deal with the growing number of probability and combination questions that are appearing on the SAT. Unfortunately, most math students simply do not have those skills regardless of how many math classes they took while in high school. Using the skills outlined in this book, students will have the tools they need to score in the 99th percentile.
  • 320 SAT Math Problems Arranged by Topic and Difficulty Level, by Steve Warner PhD: This book was developed by a doctorate-level math scholar who spent more than a decade tutoring students for the math section of the SAT. The problems in this book have been carefully selected based on the author’s experiences as a tutor and as a mathematician. Because the problems are arranged thematically, students can easily find the areas where they need to improve, and they can focus their energies there. This is the ideal source for students who wish to hone their skills in a timely manner. The author has also penned another guide called “28 SAT Math Lessons to Improve Your Score in One Month.” This guide is particularly recommended for students who scored a 500 to a 600 on their first SAT but who want to score higher when they retake the test.
  • McGraw Hill’s Top 50 Skills for a Top Score: SAT Math: McGraw Hill has a series of books math students can use for test prep and study review. This book is ideal for students who need to focus on essential skills. It includes pretests so students can find their weak areas, and it includes post-tests to help students assess their progress as they study. One of the best facets of this book is that it speaks to students in very clear language and it utilizes humor and wit in ways that ease test anxiety.
  • The New Math SAT Game Plan: The Strategic Way to Score Higher, by Phillip Keller: As a high school math teacher who has won countless awards for his teaching style, Keller really knows what works. This book is based on Keller’s real-life experiences helping students to understand difficult concepts. Using this book, students will be able to learn the concepts they do not currently understand, and they will learn how to best capitalize on the math that they already understand. It also explores how to manage time and work wisely while taking the SAT test.

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